Camp AsthmaCadabra

about camp: Location

Camp AsthmaCadabra takes place at Camp Kresge, a YMCA camping facility and retreat/conference center. Camp Kresge is an 1,100 acre property located south of Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania’s scenic Pocono mountains. The camp rests below 1,800 ft. high Mount Yeager upon the shores of Beaver Lake. The lake is central to the main living and activity area of the camp, and provides a scenic backdrop for day to day camp life.

Photo of Beaver Lake at Camp Kresge

Photo of Beaver Lake at Camp Kresge, home of Camp AsthmaCadabra.

Camp Kresge is bordered to the west and north by Nescopeck State Park and Pennsylvania State game lands. This placement grants the camp a large natural buffer against development from those directions and consequently daily sightings of wildlife are a common occurrence. The camp is home to deer, raccoon, possum, squirrel, fox, bobcat, beaver, and many other kinds of animals. Beaver Lake is home to various kinds of ducks and geese, heron, and a pair of osprey

Map to Camp Kresge

Map to Camp Kresge and Beaver Lake, home of Camp AsthmaCadabra.
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